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We’re in business to save our home planet.

There's no need to keep handing out the same dull traditional visit card. Here we are introducing a digital visiting card for #digital India. We are here to help boost small businesses and provide matchmaking opportunities for skilled workers.

Our main motive is to provide the cheapest and easiest platform to grow your business and get leads for yourself and your business.

Founder & CEO - Cardmap.in

Why You Should Join Us?

This is a small initiative from us to help small businesses by converting them to digital format at a very low and negotiable cost.

Environment Friendly

Physical cards, as we all know, require paper, which means cutting down trees, but our platform offers an environmentally friendly format for sharing your visiting card, which we call Digital Visiting Card.

Shareable and growable

As our digital card is an online website, you can share it with anyone on any social media, and even put a QR code scanner in your shop using your link. Thousands of visitors will visit your website daily; hence, this will grow your business.

Feedback&Rating System

On your personalised website, you will get proper feedback and a rating system for your customers, and you can fully track your performance and improve your product or business based on customer ratings.

24*7 Support

Yes, you read that correctly: we will provide 24 hour online and offline support via leading platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Cheapest and Easiest

Yes, we are providing the world's cheapest personalised website. We don't charge any hidden charges or commission, so enjoy our services and make us feel proud.

Other Free Toolt

In your panel, you will find many free tools such as a free logo maker, a free leader manager, free billing software, a free debt manager, and so on. Buy One, Enjoy Many! 


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